Monday, 20 January 2014

Scaled Up Joy: WW1:6

  It was a trip out for the guy's. Fortunately, I had my mittens on string already and we walked (NO RUNNING) along the pavement in two's. In Stuart's shed we were introduced into a world of awe and wonder...1:6th scale of the 'Great War' or 'WW1' to pessimists.
The figures he bought, there are loads available, but the trenches and a lot of the kit he scratch built.
 The trenches are made in sections and can (and will) be transported for display. The detail is outstanding. He is extending the system into front and second line trenches with the usual en suite facilities...
 The main thing about the war, as you will remember from school, was the decoration. Here, a Lewis gunner has used throw pillows to enhance the position...
 The wood plank effect of the dugout is set off with cig smoke stained ceiling and au d'rat plug in's for those awkward 'Was that you' moments.
 The personal effects touch give the room the heady feeling of 'tea up' or 'ready for anything - paperwork or trench raid'.
 ...and doubles up as a room for officers to gently snore in.
'Hello, what's that noise?'

 It's only Mother (Mk IV) with a fascine. Note the vickers for size comparison.
 He made this as a template for further projects out of wood and cardboard...
 ...clearly an engineer of the highest standard. I'm told the next one will have a lot more detail even than this. Opening doors and internal detail...
 Trench raids brought in useful information...
 Stuart says he'll be concentrating on 1:6 scale artillery. At the moment he makes a lot of ancillary stuff like flimsies, crates, ammo boxes, mugs and a whole lot of other stuff and flogs it on ebay.
 Just some of his other bits and pieces...
 When you see it 'in the flesh' so to speak, you can believe it isn't metal (or that it will fit through the door)
 The unditching beam can be detached as can the fascine.
 Mother visits...
'...und zen vee found ze alan key vos missing from ze pack und I had to hold the rail like zis...'
 Decorating tips from the other side...
I'm hoping to get a few more piccies of Stuart's stuff to give a better idea of the scale and post them soon.

We all know it as the 'Great War' because it was so much fun...apart from the death, injuries, misery, grief, cost....and poetry. Commemorations will officially start at the beginning of August (Austrians and Serbs, end of July) and this exhibition will be intriguing and fascinating folks of all ages for some time to come.

Well done, that man. Carry on.


  1. Truly astonishing! But I think I'll stick with 1/32 as my largest scale....

  2. Thanks for posting.
    What a joy!... The only thing missing is the mud :-)

  3. Very atmospheric, beautiful work!

  4. Thanks, one and all. It's stunning stuff. I should have taken more close ups because he has, indeed, supplied mud. It is a work in progress so I'll post it again at some point.