Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Converting your Airfix French Napoleonic Artillery

His Extruded Eminence the Potentate of Polypropylene Colin the Converter forwards, for your delight and delectation, this useful post on getting the most from those tiny old French guns that PSR rightly say have been superseded (and then some) by subsequent offerings.
 We all went a run ashore to Waterloo a couple of years ago and we saw this...'Hey! That's by Airfix' we all insensitively cried.
 After receiving a 'Gallic Shrug' a nice French Canadian lady told us the story of their gun and limber.
 So, you're average Airfix Napoleonic French gun comes like this... makes the gunners look huge...
 But it's really a question of how to make it look bigger... turns out, it's the wheels!
 Putting on bigger wheels makes all the difference....seriously, put your eyebrows down (I told you that would happen) and stop snorting!
 These come from a playing piece off another game.
 The original gun wheels replace the casters Airfix supply for the limber.
 Already looks much better.
 The crew on their base have a pin placed where the trail eye can hook on....if you look closely you can just make it out by the crouching gunner.
 In this way you can have your gun either hitched up to the limber with crew following.... this...
 ...or have the limber separate. If you don't add the bridle holding figure you can use it for many other armies as well.
 It is a basic foot limber, but you can tart it up if you have the skills, time and confidence
 ...and a good 'spares' box.
 His Eminence finds the project pleasing to the eye and easy on the wallet.
 After all, who doesn't have a few of these old sets around thinking they're maybe not good enough to use but too good to chuck out.
 This is the gun in place with the pin and crew.
 In this case it is some spare British RHA wheels being used.
It is an inexpensive and suitable adjustment (hardly a conversion) to scale up a venerable old kit.

Nice one Colin.


  1. What a difference a wheel makes. Good post.

  2. Thank you. I agree. I'll try and rustle up some comparison shots.

  3. Great thinking here. Nicely done.

  4. Well done, many years ago I used the whole axle from the RHA gun and welded on the trail, thereby making all the proportion greater. Must have done at least 30 or more of these conversions.

    1. Sounds like a good idea Will. I'll pass that on, thanks.

  5. Very nice work, and nice first pic too!

  6. Very helpful!!! Thanks. Already know what we can do with them!!!