Tuesday, 9 July 2013

State of Shock

Oh, woe is me for my Panasonic DMC TZ3 digital camera is undone and nigh unto the bin. 'Off colour' doesn't do it justice. It's gone all purple and melting and I know not what to do. We've had some good times together (sniff!). If I can't find a repair shop (and who repairs anything nowadays) then, I'm afraid it's going to the camera shop graveyard (council recycle centre). It may yet recover and this is my earnest hope (no, I didn't give it a name and it wouldn't be Earnest Hope even if I did, no slur on the Earnest Hopes of this world). There will be a further hiatus in the story's of daring-do and daring-didn't until the emotion of the situation wears off enough for me to try to 'love' again...probably a canon. Any suggestions welcome.