Friday, 20 September 2013

Quatre Bras: Part One - Under Starters Orders

 And...we're off! The Prince of Orange, hoping for a good seat, deploys forward with his Corps to Quatre Bras. Meanwhile, le French, having successfully humbugged the Duke of Wellington sweep (place your bets) forward under Marshal Ney to grab the afore mentioned cross roads. Napoleon Bonaparte (odds on favourite) hopes to take the X roads and then the Prussians in the flank giving the coup de grace to Blucher and isolating the Anglo-Allied Army thus defeating the Allies piece meal before either preparing a battle or negotiations with the Russo-Austrian forces mobilising against his resurgence. So, the race is on...

Fast out of the gates are the French light Cavalry Chasseurs a Cheval
 Cuirassiers hot on their heels
 Infantry well forward but not a great deal of kit so far. Ney perhaps not showing the aggression that was expected of him by Boney.
 ...still, theirs not to reason why, etc.
 Still some way to go at this point. Lights lead the pun intended
"er' sir..."
 2nd Brigade in Gemioncourt spot the approaching French elements. How would they react? After all they were on the same side so very recently.
 2nd Brigade deployed and ready to make a fight of it

 DB cavalry Brigade on it's way to the front
 1st Brigade occupy Bossu Wood in order to get a good view of the finishing line.
 Skirmishers out...
 The gently sloping ground give a descent view of the countryside and the approach of the French.
DB gunners clear for action. Enemy still some distance away (10-12 feet)

Next time: Going for a 'each way' bet instead. DB's show their mettle.


  1. I like the look of how this is shaping up - looking forward to more Napoleonic shenanigans :)

  2. Too kind, gents...the forces should get to grips next time.