Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Interlude Part Two - Quick Paint Job Continued

Hard on the heels of my former post is this conclusion. Quick paint jobs to look good at a distance help keep the rate of production up, time taken in painting down and therefore more time for scenery and scenarios.
 A little goes a long way. If you paint a white figure you have to paint all of it. If you paint a black figure you only paint what you want to highlight and the rest is shadow.
 Touch up the cuffs...
 highlight the canteens...
 Dry brush the dark grey trews white light grey...
 ...and the light brown to the weapons. It leaves very little red coat exposed to paint.
 So, only paint what is left and your eye will fill in the detail. Only the arms of the coat and the odd spot (literally) on a flank convinces you the whole coat is red.
 En mass you can't tell
 ...till you look up close...
 ...but who looks closely at each figure. Occasionally someone will pick up your command stand and say "Very nice. Pity the buttons are the wrong shade of puce." Other than that they've just got to look good as a unit.
 Spend a little more time on your prime figures. Most Battalions of mine are all 'same figure' apart from the command bases.
 A good basing job will cover for a multitude of sins and make 'fair' figures look better.
This officer is a head swap job. Hat give you plenty of alternative heads

Good luck with your painting. In the future I will demo some basing work as well.

Next time: Quatre Bras...no, honest, would I lie to you?


  1. Smartly done sir, I look forward to seeing more...

  2. How many do you paint in one go?. They do look good. Best of luck with the rest.

  3. Thanks chaps. I have 3 x Battalions of 30 figs each on the blocks each go (36's if French).