Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Interlude : Paint-a-Brit-Today

'Ere, got around to painting some NEW Brits. Hat Industrie Peninsular British Infantry. Nice. You get 96 per box so they work out at about 10p each. So, here's how I'm getting on....
 Cut him down and give him a shave to get the flash off and get the moulding plug from the sprue off the stand.
 I use galvanised roofing nails (with big flat heads...comments on a postcard) supported by a length of 2 x 2 inch wood with holes drilled for the nails at regular intervals. If I'd thought of it sooner I'd have done each length enough for a battalion but I didn't and so they're only 24 holes. Blue tack is plenty strong enough for plastics and up to 20mm metals.
 Stick him on....obviously
 Paint the figs with the primer of your choice (mine is white) then I paint it black.
 ...lots at a time...
 Here is a little reverse psychology I practice on myself. I work backwards. I start with flesh so that he appears finished but with a black uniform and kit on.
 A new type/make of figure usually gets a prototype paint job. Once happy, you have a template.
 Do the brass then the white...
 Then the cuff colour and the gun barrel
He's beginning to look complete already

Interlude Pt 2 coming up next...

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