Sunday, 11 August 2013

Goodbye Pont du Hoc - We're stepping back 129 years

It stood alone at the end of the table while we practiced our Shako 2 rules. Now we need the space to put down Quatre Bras for our 'Hundred Days Campaign' field test. Still no camera but thanks to Colin's magic telemophone we can still see what's going on......
Beach removed with a brush
 Cliffs removed with a hammer
 ...with extreme enthusiasm...
 While excavating the site we found two distinct levels. In the piccie you can see the bit of green flock that has survived at the road level of the WW2 'Operation Bagration' games we had a wee while ago (sorry, just an interesting geeky thing)
 Here you can see 'River Dunce' as the graded grains make finer features. Crushing the harder clogging red sand enables the water to penetrate and makes the sand a smoother consistency. Easier to work with when it comes down to moulding the terrain.
...and, of course, a flourish to finish. Thanks Col...nice trainers.

Next week: Making mud.


  1. You were saying what about my blog having Panache? C'mon , this blog of yours is fantastic! And probably because of you i'll have to be back to D-day...Thanks by the way .

    1. I'll look forward to it with great anticipation. Cheers.