Saturday, 1 June 2013

Part the Second: Revenge is looking quite sweet at the moment...

Well, it's not looking good for the French. They are trying to shift 40% of their army across a river under heavy attack from a concentrated enemy....
Prussian wing bears the brunt
 but their direct approach pays dividends
 French columns go in
 but mainly to make way for the units arriving on their right
 action is close and per Shako 2
 The French cavalry are being chewed up and spat out. On defence orders they can attack anyone within 18" but really need a change of orders to be effective, especially when out numbered...
 left flank dying to move...pun intended
 Infantry hover to exploit the cavalry gains
 Bold Prussian attacks continue...where are those ADC's?
 I'm not sure if being pushed away from the bridge itself will significantly change the situation for either side
 Orders given...
 ...for some at least...
 Fighting mixed and desperate
 even the Prussian 2nd rate stuff is getting the dice today!
 but the two French Divisions must hold
 Cavalry flank crumbling fast
 Move! move! Allez!
 This looks good for the Allies...
 It looks like the road will be cut soon and nothing can stop it
but, never say die until you have to...

More next time. Watch this space.


  1. Nice post with plenty of action!

  2. Cracking looking game, Simon!


  3. Thanks guys. We keep changing scenarios and adding troops. We haven't yet reached a point that there is too much to handle so it's looking good for the Waterloo campaign.