Friday, 7 June 2013

Le Boot dans le other Pied - Part the Third

 Well, M'Lords, ladies and gentlemen, you join us for the third bout of this spectacular special spectacle. The French were left last week on what is technically termed 'a sticky wicket' with all kinds of joyless shenanigans kicking of on their centre left flank...
Taking the bull by the horns and the drunkard by the earlobes "j'attack mon brave's". The columns push forward having received their attack orders.
 The Prussian cavalry reform to have another crack at their opposite numbers...numbers, indeed, being in their favour but not necessarily qualitatively.
 Pinned behind their own advancing infantry the gunners engage in some counter battery fire.
 Blown Dragoons (note donkey blown marker) hover around stout British square.
 Bereft of artillery support because of the tight ground the French use their columnar tactics to concentrate on battering through their immediate front.
 The reserves can't move fast enough for Grandchapot
 ...but they are trying...
 Fearful of the enemy cavalry lined up at right angles to the desperately fighting columns gunners haul the battery into a protective shield and hope for reinforcements...
 Gen. Tingirdle urges his men on to greater efforts..
 Suddenly we're through! The Prussian Division can't stand! Vive l'Emporeur!
 Desperate French cavalry hold off the Allied Cavalry Division and pin the infantry into squares
 Pressure is kept on the left of centre Prussian Infantry Division by very battered and weary French infantry.

 Meanwhile, the victorious division advances to secure the advantage of the high ground to its front.
 Pleased with the situation Grandchapot no longer worries over his right flank...
 ....just whether the move across the river will be in time to meet the challenge to his left...
The cost, so far, has been high. Will it all result in complete victory? Will the Allies rebound to snatch a victory yet? Was John Wayne's name really Marion? Is the 'off side' rule being abused? The answer to these and even less things you didn't know you could yawn time.


  1. Seriously cool Blog mate link added

    1. Thanks a lot...I really like your trench system; it makes me want to go all WW1 ....aaaarrgh! no, not another period, where will it all end?!

  2. More epic Napoleonics - Bravo!
    Any chance of some Peninsular War shenanigins, with rocky outcrops, Spanish guerrillas, dastardly Frogs, and bold British?


  3. When we get around to painting them up...we certainly will. I imagine the newly appointed Lt. Carp (anag) and Sgt Harpic of the 94th Lifeless, y'know...adventures in that sort of vein.