Friday, 10 May 2013

Latest Shed Lines

 Again with the Shako 2 rules already...A bridge in a fictitious foreign land (in fact a bridge over l'fictitious river which leads, naturally enough, into lake l'fictitious) is being defended by the gallant British contingent during a little known action of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars namely the 'Campaign of Pointless Emergency of 18 umpteen'...Any hoo, the afore mentioned doomed personages have employed the traditionally British only-one-end-of-the-bridge-secured tactic again (at the behest of General Gifthorst von Mouth-gazer  and await the onslaught of the professional, motivated and highly equipped forces of Marshal of France Grandchapot.....
A keen officer of Rifles finds a nice damp, uncomfortable, noisy death trap in which to hide his men. Again, in the fine tradition of the British Army.
'Jab, Smith, there's a good chap...'
 An officer shows how brave he is by getting his batman to wave a sharp stick in the enemies general direction...
 Of course, he's backed up by his mates. We rolled up the scenery and then where and, crucially, when each Division was to arrive. We also rolled for the orders in the scenario book which was rather interesting considering how it all worked out. It gives a good starting point from which you unexpectedly have to recover or press your advantage.
 French Cavalry Division was first out of the gate and close to the bridge too.
 They were simultaneously followed by the 1st Infantry Division (Gen. Le Fringe) from the opposite flank.
 Gen. Swat d'Gnats and his 2nd Infantry Division follows in the (smelly) hoof steps of the Cavalry Division led by Marshall N...oh, you know where this daft name thing is going.
 Le Fringe bravely takes the hill behind his own lines and forms the reserve.
 The line lancers charge across the bridge at what they assume is the worlds ugliest ladies finishing school picnic...
 ...followed by the Dragoons...
'Aha! Now for ze hair-suit pursuit!' 
 The party doesn't appear to be ready to break up...
'Prepare to repel hangovers' 
 Sorry about the blurred pictures...age...
 1st Division shakes out into line.
 3rd Infantry Division follows 2nd onto the field.
 Lancers close for the kill...
 Hello, who's this galloping to the rescue?
 Aah! Prussian and Allied cavalry.
 Lancers get a drubbing (well, what did you expect from a Scottish square...dancing?)
 ...and the Dragoons are mown down in their turn.
 Never mind. Up now are the guns of 2nd Div and #Old trousers plays the infantry across
 Work those gunners.... them ragged!
 General Malaise follows up with the men of the 3rd Division
 Things get ugly as the skirmishers swap lead messages at close range.
 The artillery of both side have a general 'hate' on.
 Everybody seems to be nicely in range at the moment.
 The French Generals wave their men on with encouraging health and safety information and helpline numbers....
 ...but the Prussians are getting nearer (as noted by this speed camera shot....sorry) and their infantry reserve approaches.
So, whatever encouragement the French are using it had better be effective pretty quickly or the mission with get appreciably tougher.

Watch this space!


  1. Huzzah! What a splendid looking game, I look forward to the next exciting episode.

  2. ummmm....amazing?

    The general's names are exquisite. As is your bridge. That keen rifle officer wouldn't go by the name of Sharpe would he? If so, he owes the ministry some money for the loss of some leather stocks...

  3. Excellent! Looking forward to the conlusion.

  4. Excellent looking game you have there!

  5. Wonderful report! Love the bridge- a great piece of terrain.

  6. Fabulous figures and terrain and a most amusing report.

    You could 'recycle' the terrain for the River Coa you know. That's a really interesting scenario...

  7. Some great pictures with fantastic looking figures...and a wonderful bridge!!

  8. The River Coa action is a good idea. We hope to get all in place for the 100 days campaign then go on to Iberia. I don't know how long this one will last but it has been fun so far. Thanks to all for your kind comments.