Monday, 27 May 2013

Holding L'ficticious Bridge: Part the First

Continuing with the Campaign of Pointless Emergency a quick reorganisation followed by a redeployment has transformed the attack into a defence. Marshall Grandchapot awaits the inevitable allied counter attack.

Gen. Le Fringe and Gen. Swat d'Gnats have their Divisions on the the right bank. No cavalry screen has yet been ordered forward to ascertain the enemies whereabouts.
 d'Gnats orders column formations for faster movement.
 Marshall of France Grandchapot with his new ADC's Curle, Larrez et Meaux....
 The left bank consisting of Gen. Mortiers...
 ...and Gen. Malaise...
 In charge of the Cavalry Division is Gen. Tingirdelle
 Grandchapot can do nothing but watch the mist rolling in as the Corps shakes itself into position.
 Towards the French left there is the sound of drums in the distance.
 'Skirmishes out! Inform the Marshall! Enemy to the front of our positions!'
"Are we about to have an accident at work, which wasn't our fault, in the next three hours? If so call  mum on..."

 The enemy break out of the mist and advance unchecked towards Gen. Malaise's Division.
 Gen. Tingirdelle inclines for what may be a flank move from enemy cavalry...
'Sir! Message from Marshall Grandchapot "shift your a.."'
 At the appearance of M. Meaux, the ADC. Gen Swat d'Gnats signals his Division to begin crossing the bridge to support the rest of the Corps against the enemies revealed hand.
 Batteries move to the bank for supporting fire and the lights move over first.
 Play opens with the French putting the ball on the pitch.
 Cavalry reposition...
...but the surprise is yet to come...

More next time.


  1. More great photos and commentary. Brits on the piss... I mean in the mist eh?!