Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Back from the Shed.

I know, I've missed me...but I'm back, yes back from the shed. Colin, Billy and I have been working hard on the project. Alan has added weight (literally) to the army with his lead chaps and even the ghost's of the past are present in the form of Ferdy's fine survivors of 'The Great Toy Soldier Robbery' (hanging's to good for them/stoppage of rum/flog 'em round the fleet...etc.) with the Polish contingent and the 1st Cuirassier's.

And here are....the French... 99 Battalions @ 24 figs (a few at 36) and 52 squadrons of cavalry (6 per light squadron and 8 per heavy squadron) 27 artillery pieces (4 crew each)  and Generals with ADC's coming out of our ears.
 So, we lined them up to see what space they took up...
 ...and because we are big kids really.
 2,500 foot and 350 horse.
 It gave us quite a thrill to see them all out.
 It inspires us to carry on with the project.
 It also showed up the holes in the order of battle
 We don't need any more Mamaluks..
 ...but a lot more Cuirassier's.
 More infantry flow off the production line. What? Of course we need more...more...MORE.

Next time....the Allies so far.


  1. Wow!... You have been busy! Great work.

  2. Inspiring to your readers as well, SRD! Love to see all those frogs in their formations. Beautiful work all around.

  3. Good grief! Like, far out! That's amazing, outstanding in point of fact. Well done indeed!

  4. Oh yeah. Must make it to Ayrshire again some time soon...

  5. Guy's, guy's you're all too kind. 'Big and cheap' is my motto as you know by now. We build towards Waterloo 2015. Colin even mentioned that if we're going that far how about the 'Hundred Days'... megalomania... it's catching.