Friday, 8 March 2013

Shako 2: Victory at Dusk

 With the loss of the1st French Infantry Division and the loss of the two left flank Dragoon regiments the writing is on the wall...
 The artillery call forward the limbers...
 ...and get out of Dodge.
 The Grey's look hungrily towards the guns (or is it the horses?)

 As dusk is falling, and the photography is getting worse, 2nd French Infantry Division is overstretched and still unable to break the British line despite nearly pushing it to the reverse of the hill.

 British Light Cavalry are behind (slightly) but away to the flank of the right hand French batteries. They threaten to close the gap behind the 2nd French Division now that their supporting cavalry is also 'Tesco'd'.
 The Divisional Commander gives the order to withdraw. He calculates that the disorganised and rattled line won't be able to follow up quickly enough to stop an orderly extrication.
 The Division stops...
The guns give covering fire. Darkness descends and the battle is over. It is a defensive victory for the British.

Now we need a quick extension of the battlefield and we can check out a new scenario.


  1. I seem to remember the British lines defeated those French columns rather frequently in our games too- as they should :)

  2. The Brits rolled well, the French not so. We are setting up another scenario from that book and using more stuff. We'll see what the dice do next.