Monday, 4 March 2013

Shako 2: "A Hard Pounding, Gentlemen."

 What looked like a display of French fire power and élan has become a scene of carnage. Apologies for the quality of some of these pics but they show the action.
Gunners work furiously...
 A British cavalry attack threatens the first infantry division.
 Firing is sustained and heavy from the British line.
 "They come on in the same old style...."
 Immediately, staggers and casualties stack up forcing a juddering halt in front of the line...
 ...units fall back hurt...
 The threatened flank considers the cavalry and forms square...note the first destroyed battalion marker.
 A counter charge destroys the engaged battalion
Meanwhile on the French right the cavalry division is destroyed and their mounts litter the field.
Back to the left flank and the first infantry division is forced into square by the British cavalry threat...and the casualties begin to stack up...
Even the ADC's get a hard time with Shako rules. Here another one bits the dust.
The second infantry division has more success. The centre gun battery is overrun and a battalion gets to enfilade the line.
The 71st HLI respond by about turning...
"Kill the officers, lads...our or theirs it doesn't matter."
...and wheeling to fire on the penetration from behind.
Now things get quite complicated but the rules are up to it. The French Dragoons counter-charge the British Dragoons...
...and the Union Brigade counter-counter-charges the Dragoons...(hold that thought)
The British lights, though very weak from their success against the French lights, attack the French guns.
The French gunners are not having it, so...
There is a bit of a to do (you know...sabre's, ramrods and bad language)
That thought you were holding, well, the counter counter charge is itself counter-charged. But you break it into separate punch-ups to get it resolved. Quite a neat feature which irons out any anomalies.
Second infantry division continues to push and gain ground but the British line doesn't break.
"One pint for an ADC, two for a General and a barrel for a Frenchie."
The 71st continues to fire while it is protected by a county battalion to its rear.
Too much for the blown and weakened lights they are destroyed by the determined French gunners.
Still they push but still they're held.
The first infantry division's morale is very high (well, the commander and his 2I/C) but everyone is dead.

Next time..."and the winner is...(once we get the blood off the gold envelope)..."


  1. A cool looking game. We used to play Shako lots about seven years ago, with 1/72 plastics too - great fun!

  2. Yes, I just getting into it as you can see. It seems a good system for larger games. What are you using now?

    1. I have to report that I'm not doing any Napoleonics at present, and have parted with my 1/72 Nap collection (although my son still has a few). Now and then I do have a hankering for some Napoleonics, but probably 15mm if I was to start again. It's all WW2 for me at present.

    2. A man after my own heart. WW2 is my main period, 20mm the scale. Napoleonics are a civilised interlude.

  3. Perhaps the Brits will fair better next time. I'm sure there are some Irish and Germans to form new battalions to die for King George.

  4. Wow, great impressions! I especially like the 'smoke', it adds a lot of flair.

    1. It has to look good...otherwise use blocks of coloured wood (just as valid but not quite as atmospheric). Aesthetics are as important as the mechanics to me. The big games get the Napoleonic music LOUD. We haven't used my new Napoleonic 'bangs' in this game so far but keep watching this space...