Saturday, 9 March 2013

"Once more unto the...painting blocks"

Moving on to Italeri's French Infantry 6066 as opposed to their 6002 (which were the old Esci ones I think). I must say I like these for a change from Airfix. I have only enough for four battalions of 36 each which should produce six battalions of 24.
I'm using the same old technique for a fast paint job, around 20 mins per figure (sprue to based)
 If you go for close ups of these you'll see gaffs and blanks but it's the overall impression I'm after.
"Where's my watch?"
 We need around 6,500 of the various little blighter's for Waterloo (good job we aren't do Leipzig). Shouldn't have said that; someone will suggest it now.
 The only thing on the French figure to get highlighted is the jacket, otherwise it's all very straight forward.
 Tough undercoat. Then spray black. Then dry brush very light grey.
 Just paint what the dry brushing shows up...nothing more.
 Two coats varnish, gloss followed by matt. This way you can't forget how many coats of varnish have been done.
And, as always, never do one when you can do eight, never do eight when you can do a battalion, etc, etc. extension of scenery.


  1. Wow, great output and nice results! That's the way it should go.

  2. 20 minutes per fig, including base? Far out!

  3. Much nicer figures than Airfix or the old Italeri set! Great production line you've got going, too.

  4. Once these are done there are about 16 battalions of hat figures. Then I will be able to say that my French infantry is done...and I will have my nervous breakdown in peace.

  5. Magnificent painting!

    I have only just 'discovered' your great blog, thanks to a link on 'Silent's' blog of his adventures with 6 mm figures ( We also wargame using 1/72nd figures and Shako rules. We are attempting Leipzig (with further bicentennial battles in 2014 and, of course, those of the Waterloo campaign in 2015). We'll follow your own projects with much interest!

    1. Welcome James. We are pretty well plastic fans but we don't mind metals, we're not proud. One of the guy's at the Glasgow Phoenix Club has just done Leipzig in 15's only a couple of weeks ago....BIG game. We seem to be thinking along the same lines so, good luck to you.

  6. Sounds great. Are there photos of the Leipzig game in the public domain? If so, it'd be great to add a link to them on our 'communal' blog for games from the bicentennial years, Wargaming Waterloo 2015 (