Friday, 15 February 2013

Rearguard Reduced - Shako 2 Smooth

 The successful square isn't a second time...if you get lucky, run before some one finds out that it IS luck.

Columns repeat the formula and go Dutch; one each.
'They're too close! Fire the burger buns...every little helps.'
 Meanwhile Dragoons take leave of their senses, apparently, and charge the guns. The guns have been hammered a bit by counter battery fire first so it's not completely suicidal.
 Nassau's take the opportunity to change position (pins and needles probably)
 Columns execute a left turn, as per the drill manual, and prepare to attack the next position.
 French guns have run out of targets and shift position too.
 Lines advance to 'Old Trousers'...
 Guns pass the junction to enfilade the Allies...
'Is it me or can anyone else smell fried onions?'
 After repeated successful charges the blown Dragoons reorganise for another go. Guns and squares are falling like nine pins.
 Whipping the horses into a lather (or perhaps a pate)...the guns shift.
 Next charge on a weakened square...
 Lines come on in the same old way.
'Come on chaps, for burger king and country!'
 Robust Light Cavalry meet the Heavy Cuirassier's head on...
'Are we nearly there yet?'
 ..and get smashed aside...Artillery find a new spot
 ...the square breaks...
 Blown, the Cuirassier's regroup.
 Guns relay and engage enemy to the front
Light Lancers prepare to chase the remaining troops from the field.

A good training game. Learned a lot about the rules set. Flexible, quick, reasonably intuitive with a simplification to allow for bigger scenarios. Hopefully, we will find the straight forward approach of Shako 2 continuing and allowing us to reach a point where we will comfortably know how many units one can reasonably handle without becoming overworked. This will help in the planning of much larger historical games.

Next...torturing plastic as promised. Soldering irons and scalpels at the ready? 


  1. Good looking stuff. I'd like to do something with the Naps JackSarge sent me...but I'd have to paint up some French! Blow that for a game of soldiers! :-) I wonder how Stan's stock of painted French is looking...

  2. Great AAR, SRD. Love the look of the figures. The Shako rules say that when the units are arrayed properly, the battlefield has a "napoleonic look" (Arty's words not mine) to it. well I have to agree. Beautiful looking troops, to. I hope you guys continue to play Shako.

  3. Thanks very much lads. I think Shako 2 is a fine set of rules and appear to do all the things required of a Napoleonic set to. I like the Airfix French Infantry and, stumbling around my work area, found enough for two more 36 man battalions. Joy.

  4. Excellent looking figures sir! I've been looking at Shako myself and may just give it a try... though due to my extremely low patience when it comes to figure painting I think my units will be somewhat smaller than yours.

    Great pictures, thanks for posting.

  5. My patience is no greater than yours I'm sure. That's why I use the black undercoat then flesh..makes them look nearly ready in two moves.