Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Rear Guard - A Hiding to Nothing

 So...our Allied rear guard is hard pressed by the French. Shako 2 is here tested as a rules set for much bigger games but we are trying to establish how it works, you know, what anomalies are we likely to run into in historical scenarios. We also need to find out what markers are essential for a good looking game.

Here the French lights (set in skirmish order) clear the scrub...so, bangs, smoke and bodies are a given.
 Smoke for artillery...here seen firing on the approaching columns.
 ...when an ally dies he becomes British (it's a kind of reward for services rendered)
 The Dutch square prepares to receive columns..
 Brunswickers form square.
 ADC's reach Light Lancers for change of orders...
 Smoke for the 'belle's fils'...
 ...and the reply...
 Dutch Belgian Cavalry give Lancers a jolt...you don't often hear that said do you!
 The small horse on a round stand is a 'blown' marker.
Column gets an unexpected reverse. Wonders never cease. Change of under garments needed.

Next time...more action. Also, how to torture small plastic figure with a soldering iron (first dancing and now torture what ever next...don't answer that!)


  1. Wow! An infantry square stopping an infantry column! Who'd-a-thunk?

    Lovely pictures, thanks.

  2. A very nice report, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great looking game, SRD. Casualty markers are great in Shako and are essential as in the bigger games I have come to find.
    I like your casualty figures. I dont know how Shako II works, but Shako "the first" wants skirmish unit stands, something which I did not do but instead base all my skirmishers on coins and simply place them about a Battalion's worth of distance from each other so they occupy the same frontage.


  4. That, Steve, is a very good idea. My mate Colin has gone to the trouble of making dedicated skirmish units and so, for the purposes of uniformity, we may go that way but I do have loose Brit figures so I may use that idea for that army. Cheers.

    1. If you can get your mates to agree to it, it makes for a neat looking battlefield also.

      I, for one, am "frugal" and also didn't want to lose the manpower on skirmisher stands. Plus I can use these troops for Napoleonic skirmish games as well. Might be a good selling point to the group.