Thursday, 6 December 2012

Omaha: Penultimate - Part Two

 With 'Dog One' open, Vierville-sur-Mer falls quickly. Dozer tank fires up the main street and the supporting Germans 81mm mortar has a) no-one to support and b) no clean underwear left.

'Peek-a-boo, I see you'

'Take a knee and get your breath back'
 Clambering up the slopes wherever they could find gaps the main force of 1st and 29th Inf Division's troops infiltrate and out flank the, now disjointed, defences.
 Beach clearance has produced enough penetration to get movement inland but at a very high cost in combat engineers and vehicles. I can't help thinking that some 'Funnies' would have made the mine clearing/ bunker busting job more straight forward.
 Tanks left on the beach supporting but unable to follow up.
 Surrounded by smoke the turret is finding it difficult to see targets
'Oops! Time to go!'
 Someone is still awake and trying to close the gaps.
 It's all over for the defenders of Vierville-sur-Mer...
 The smoke clears and targets appear.
 With 'Easy Three' and 'Fox One' infiltrated by infantry and, crucially, combat engineers, Colleville-sur-Mer and Caboug are under direct threat with the added bonus of cutting the road to le Grand Hameau.
 This is the Germans view and they are fairly confident while there is no possibility of US tank support.
 However, engineers whittle down each hard point in turn
'Who left the door open?'
 Some serious outflanking takes place.
 Overwhelming close assault...
 Flame throwers...
 Gamers eye view...
 ...plenty smoke (bad for health)
'Wow, a hedge. There can't be more of these.'
 Vierville-sur-Mer town council will have to repair hedges in front of their sea view.
 Oily black smoke marks the position pyre.
 'Dog Three', at the junction of 'Dog Red' and 'Easy Green' beaches, is blown. There is he-haw left of Les Moulins. In any case it's now quickly occupied.
 With the German forward OP's all extinct the resupply gets into top gear....
Because you've got to have stuff, lots of stuff.


  1. Alright! the Bellona mortar pit! Have enjoyed your AAR.really like the flamethrower effect and the explosions are excellant.Nice blog.

  2. This is awesome. Unspeakably awesome. I tip my hat to you, sir! Love your terrain, models, and your commentary!!!


  3. Gentlemen you are too kind. I have a couple of the old Bellona mouldings and if you fill them with wet sand (sand castle style) you can have just about as many as you want. When the sand dries you can paint or flock as red builders sand dries hard enough.