Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Omaha: Penultimate - Part One

 So much going on this time will take two posts for the AAR. Nearly all naval gun support devastating. Von Rundstedt was right about that much. Everything else was CQB (close quarter battle) with torch, small arms, bazookas and bayonets...

US troops storm the last defended positions
 You don't need field glasses to see this coming!
 Gaps blown by Bangalore torpedoes clear the way for close assaults
 Devastating naval fire takes out Nebelwefer and command in one mighty stonk
 HQ gone along with any remaining coordination of German response.
 Troops stream through the defile

 ...passing wire and road blocks, to be dealt with by combat engineers
 fire fights at short range prior to close assault
 most German positions destroyed or isolated
 Finally armour reaches the first objective
 Moving inland 'dog one' open for business
 Germans caught in the open stand no chance
 Having wiped out the extreme right hand WN the infantry moves on...
Town burns as resistance ends...

But there's more to come...


  1. I have really been enjoying this series of AARs - will be sorry when they come to an end.

    Cheers, Dave


  2. There will be something else. Discussion at the moment is 'Bocage' the next stage or 'Napoleonic' for a change of pace. Either way is a change of scenery. Thanks for following the game.

  3. Lovely work again, Simon. It will be interesting to see how you put together a table full of bocage!


  4. Game on mate, this game is epic!