Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Omaha - Endex

 I went to delete this first picture several times but I didn't because it shows what a mess it all was. Seemingly   endless smoke, explosions, wire and bunkers.
I think it captures our game rather well.

'Heads up, something horrible's coming'
 German cohesive defence has collapsed and no-one knows what's going on.

 There's nothing to stop the armour...

 They wait for engineer support...
 German luck had deserted and it seemed the Americans could take any risk now and it would pay off.

 Villages fell...

 Positions fell...
 ...they were unstoppable. The dice just favoured every action.
 Germans threw in the towel left right and centre.

 The butchers bill was heavy the Germans lost 87% of their force including 555 POW's. This figure includes the small number of reinforcements filtered in during the battle.

Essential war-game tool. My war-hammer.

Clearing the way for the follow up forces continues even during the per the day.
 The continuous landing of the rest of the 43,000 men and their equipment landed that day shouldn't belie the fact that the initial assault troops (i.e. the six waves we've been dealing with) took an awful beating.
 Depending on your source for statistics the bald facts are that the Germans lost about 1,500 casualties and the US took about 3,500. This bald statement give no real detail but what we came up with was fairly similar.
 Considering none of us we half drowned, exhausted or shot at and had no life-or-death stake in the outcome we could be gung-ho in ways the actual protagonists would have baulked at.
 Our US casualties came to 4,350 of which 3,675 were infantry and the rest crews (62% of the assault force) 75 vehicles (85% of those landed) 5 landing craft destroyed and 15 damaged.

 US troops fan out to clear the town each of the objectives.
 Link up.
 Moving inland.
 Mopping up and gathering the prisoners together over into the next field...
 Clearing the church...and no doubt giving thanks. The operation in this game was a complete success. To win each side needed to hold two of the three villages by move 20. The Yanks had them all by move 19.

 Americas greatest Generals arrive...Motors, Ford, Chevrolet, Studebaker et al and the contents of the Detroit Arsenal.

Some of the players...short, aren't they. My thanks to them all, the long and the short and the tall.

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  1. Thanks again for the whole series on this game, I really enjoyed...

    Cheers, Dave