Saturday, 29 December 2012

Father Christmas and the Slay Belles: A True Story

The blizzard of paper shredding subsides, hoof beats and ho-ho-ho's fade into the distance and excited squealing's pass into hushed oh and ah. Yes the fat guy with the beard in an ill fitting suit has done his work for another year...but enough about my wardrobe...My Mum (God bless her cotton socks and Valium) sent me a cheque; her card simply read 'keep them marching'. Message received and understood ma. My Mum-in-law took me to the model shop and push cash into my sweaty paws....enough said.

Trampling children and slimmer adults underfoot I slashed my way to the wailing wall at Jamieson's Model Shop in called, well, much little time...whaaa!
 Bought this artillery. Russians can never have enough artillery.
 Smashing little 37mm AA gun, and I'm drooling on my keyboard.
 My first Caesar figures. I'd seen other peoples' and on the brilliant Plastic Soldier Review site (a 'must visit' site if ever there was one) but now I have some of my own. No sprue, surprisingly, but a bag containing the figs...nice idea..saves leaving the odd part behind.
 ...and the star of the show Pegasus Miniatures, two-in-a-box KV1's. Peachy, just peachy.
Choice of turrets, beautifully moulded, quality plastic and clear instructions. What more could a megalomaniac, obsessive, overgrown 11-going-on-53-year-old want?


Thanks Mum's


  1. Looks like you got a good haul there SRD.

  2. Some nice reinforcements there, SRD. "Household 6" declared there wouldn't be any additional units for my hordes for Christmas.

    That's what mothers and mothers in law are for! My mom purchased the Open Fire box for me from Battlefront.

  3. You lucky blighter! A great haul there. They cut off the figures from the sprue to reuse so they can make more figures and not waste the plastic tree.

    A good idea if you ask me.

    Well done!

  4. Shreds your mum and mum in law are indeed wonderful ladies. A rollicking rash of Reds you have there, sir. Are future plans going to lead you away from Omaha Beach?
    Blessings for the New Year,

  5. My haul runeth over, I am a very fortunate man indeed. The guy's are getting into Napoleonic mode. Somebody said "200 year anniversary of Waterloo in 2015" so we may be on a Nap--paint-fest for a while. Happy New Year to all.