Monday, 3 December 2012


You mad, impetuous fools! Have you taken leave of your senses? Giving me an award will only encourage me to do it again...what ever it was.

With the power now vested in me from this day forth, being the third, I will eat nought but food, breathe nought but air and smile recklessly on all occasions warranting such behaviour.

My eternal gratitude to Paul at and to Robert at for their recommendations. Splendid sites both and full of gems.

My big problem is that all the blogs I follow have either won the award or are too big. Quality stuff. is the one I follow most. We seem to be on the same wavelength and I'm always getting hints and tips from his WW2 building and painting projects. The problem is he's just on the 200 followers mark and so won't count but it's a cracking site.


  1. Well deserved mate. Your blog is possibly one of the most underrated blogs I follow.

    Keep up the good fight!