Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Omaha - More than plastic can stand!

The German counter attack receives a comprehensive stonking from the naval guns. The dangers of moving in the open in daylight are apparent.

One whole company knocked out in one go. The penalty for being spotted by a navy FOO party.
 Breaking into the enemy positions now after the mad dash over the sand.
 Curly, Larry and Moe don't know if they're out of the fire...or into the frying pan.
 Combat engineers take a cruel revenge on the bunkers and slit trenches
 They hose the obstacle, but are observed in turn...
 ...and wiped out.
 First counter attacking vehicles to appear (Marder III's) and stumble into Sherman's.
 Wave six all ashore...unstoppable.
 Temporary respite...a pre-war beach hut
 The last German OP goes up.
 ...leaving the commander on the spot to direct where he can.
 To leave cover or not to leave cover...that is the question.
 OK, take cover.
 They've driven through a storm of fire...what now?
 More of the same.
 Hug the hedges.
 Prepping the road block to blow open the exit.
Pushing on, the resistance crumbles or is destroyed. The advance time.

I was thinking of a short series demonstrating how to make game markers between AAR's on the games if anyone is interested.


  1. The terrain is really awesome. Thanks for sharing those great pictures!



  2. Thanks guys. Wow, it's good to be able to reply again. Apparently it was all something to do with blocked biscuits...who'd have guessed.

  3. Another thoroughly enjoyable post! Great fun!