Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Omaha: Losing the Battle

 Incidentally,  thanks to Phil for his comment on the Ambulance troop....I still can't get down replies. Really don't know what I'm doing wrong...machine hates me.

Still, the Germans are in the process of losing the battle.

Troops organise ashore into larger surviving groups.
 Sixth, and positively final, wave approaches

Infantry heavy...

...along with HQ's and support weapons

 Dozer's about the only vehicles left
 ...armoured for protection of course.
 Ost battalion reinforcement rushes to hot spot...
 ...across the exposed X roads.

20mm mortar fire keeps up steady rate of fire and casualties on western most WN.

 They may soon be in the lists themselves
 Outflanking manoeuvres bring a shock to the surviving WN defenders
 Smoke aids movement...
 OP team halved...
 Heavy damage to Dozer.
 This PAK 40 has done a deal of damage...
 Setting up near the shingle...
 ...give as much support as possible.
 Getting forward... the order of the day.
 On this stretch of sand, about one square foot, I counted the equivalent of nearly 400 casualties. The battle area covers 150 square feet.
 One square marker for one casualty, One figure equals 15 and one vehicle equals five.
 Some stuff had a two way trip.
 German local commander needs to get forward...
 He's the only one left to direct supporting fire as all his OP bunkers are gone.
Every place needs reinforcement and so the effect of this battalion is diluted.

Next time it looks like the wet and suffering infantry may get to grips...then it's payback.


  1. >On this stretch of sand, about one square foot,
    >I counted the equivalent of nearly 400 casualties.

    Looks like Hein Severloh did his job at WN62 again :-/
    Seems to be a good game, representing the hard time that both sides had with their opponent.


  2. Correct. I will be interested to see how costly the whole exercises will be once the game is over. The RF rate is one figure to fifteen and one vehicle to five. I will have to be calculated against the whole casualty list for 'Omaha' as there is no distinction in this rules set between missing,wounds and kills.