Friday, 2 November 2012

Napoleonic Ambulance Troop

Built and painted these for Ferdy. It was a very useful exercise. I don't have any 15mm stuff myself but I enjoy a game now and again in the scale. I do, however have, the 20mm/1:72 Hat Napoleonic Ambulances but have been a bit timid in getting on with them. This was a good chance to get a feel for the project. It's like everything else; once you've broken your duck on whatever it is that you haven't done before you can crack on. I've been so busy with the old D-Day scenario that all else has been on the back burner...

Don't bother with decals/transfers if you have straight forward letters or signs. Just keep a steady hand and remember you can always paint it out and start again...
 Another advantage is the sign looks worn already.
 Try not to pick consecutive may sound obvious but it gives the impression that there are more tucked away or on other duties.
 I'm not much of a 'base artist' so I keep it really simple. Brown painters caulk (1.99 a tube) does millions of bases. When dry (well, duh) super glue on your item...
 Slosh on some PVA....
 Dip in, not you....the base. Knock off excess sand.
Dod on a couple of patches of PVA again and sprinkle on a little grass and voila!

Quick, CHEAP, simple and effective. PVA, and caulk (not waterproof sealer, obviously) and some free sand. It really stretches out the flock making that item go far further.

Next time, back to D-Day.

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  1. Very nice! I do like your ambulance, great work!