Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bring out your dead

A new slant on a theme already familiar here...Napoleonic casualty markers.

The usual technique pertains to the method but fortunately good old Airfix supply the corpses for all your 'Burke and Hare' needs. 

Take a disc of plastic or card and apply some modelling putty (I use Milliput but any will probably do) push the figure well in and, after it's dry, paint it white.

Once dry apply a heavy black wash...
 ...if the wash is too heavy then dry brush very light grey and only paint the bits that show as grey. It gives you a kind of lined effect.
 Sand and flock in the usual way and...
Hey tesco! You're done.

You'll notice I'm doing one's, two's and fours. Depending on the rules set or how bloody your battles get this should suffice. I have infantry units between 24 and 36 figures strong. If you need more than two or three discs of four per unit then get the old paints out and start putting tiny medals on them.