Friday, 5 October 2012

Omaha : Third Wave, Second Thoughts

 At this point in the real battle Gen. Bradley seriously considered calling off the Omaha landing and re-embarking the survivors for a landing on one of the other beaches. This would have left an even bigger gap between the landing, the third wave was left to its own devices and the battle hung in the balance...

Some make it to the shingle a get what cover they can.
 Some engineer parties work their way up the sand. the scenario rules from the RF D-Day supplement say that a squad of engineers or engineering vehicle getting to the road line will clear a two foot wide section of the beach. That is a seriously good result worth going for as the mines are taking out almost as much  traffic as lands.
 ..and artillery, mortar and MG fire is cutting up the infantry. This officer is the only survivor of the LCVP load.
 Others are doing well...pooling resources and going for nearest targets.
At last, something goes right and a bunker takes a direct bazooka strike.

 The carnage continues.

Wreckage begins to impede movement onto the beach, vision and organisation. Still, if the infantry can co-ordinate local attacks successfully we may yet fulfil the actual days task....getting and staying ashore.

More soon.


  1. Its like a page from the history books. Ten out of ten.

  2. I agree w Paul. This has been a terrific series of posts and deserve more comments/compliments. A truly impressive project and great reading and eye candy. Bravo Zulu.