Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Omaha - At Last: The Germans Begin to Crumble

 We've reached the half way point in this scenario and the Germans are crumbling. US Rangers and Infantry are into some positions on the right flank...historically accurate, by the way.

It's taken the Germans 2 solid years of construction to produce the 'Festung Europa' and the Allies one day to crack it.

 It's not over by a long chalk but the writing is on the wall...
 More and more GI's, kit and machinery land (wave four is approaching) and the fifth and biggest assault wave is about to arrive.
 Bunker after bunker is taken out.
 Finally, with support elements ashore, the situation is taken in hand and tactics rather than spontaneous acts take over operational control.
 Tank support....
 Tank dozer clearance...
 Assault engineers....
 ...and a mass of extremely miffed infantry coordinate attacks.
 Heavy fire support is thinning out the German hard points and countering the inland fire support that the enemy has thus far enjoyed.
 The last hurrah for the Germans of halting the onslaught is from piecemeal reinforcements. Here an 'Ost Battalion' without transport or heavy weapons walks toward the beach.

 The sight that meets them is less than encouraging.
 ..and is too late for some.
 There is nowhere to run to...so they fight on.
 despite heavy casualties the Allies come on...
 And I'm running out of casualty markers so I know what I'll be doing this weekend.
Though the end is not really in doubt the scenario has a tight time restriction. It may yet prove to be a numbers game in the end. All three villages need to be in US hands before full time. We'll have to see if the fifth wave provides the impetus necessary to comprehensively break the defensive crust.

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