Monday, 20 August 2012

Pont du Hoc: Building the Scene

Here's where we are in the grand scheme of things. Pont du Hoc scene of the Rangers (US not Queens Park) epic climb to silence the gun batteries in their concrete case-mates which could have ruined operations on Omaha and possibly Utah beaches on D-Day...almost open for business.

The Germans made this (or some elaborate effort) necessary the day they poured the first concrete.  

 This angle shot is a representation of a picture I saw on the net. The block and boulders represent the 'point'. A narrow beach and a shear climb to come at the enemy from an unexpected direction....all the defences pointing inland.
 Recce piccy of mine to show basic stages of the sighting and moulding process. The actual site is only a couple of hundred yards wide and deep. More 'stuff' would make moving figures about quite fiddly.
 There were in fact six or so actual block houses meant to house artillery with further buildings for barracks. I'll have to make do with just two to represent the fortifications otherwise the project would have to be 1:1 scale and out of sync with the rest of the RF D-Day scenario.
 Once some colour is added the site becomes a lot less shabby. Evidence of the USAAF's pre-invasion softening up comes into stark relief as do the trench works. My thanks to Colin who has made a cracking set of emplacements.
 The whole place was surrounded by mine fields (inland of course) which probably made German counter attacks a bit more tricky.
 A rapid firing AA weapon, some nervous Germans and we'll be ready for kick off...

The little OP bunker is about 30mm high to give you some scale. On the day I hope to get a view from the deck of an LCA.

So...a little more colour and perhaps some more wire and we're good to go.


  1. Judging from the weekends results it's a good job that Queens Park Rangers weren't given the mission!
    Great looking set up by the way.

    1. Looking great. i did the same in 28mm, but your sandtable is far easier to store once done! ;-)

  2. Huge respect to you, great looking terrain!!!