Wednesday, 1 August 2012

D-Day...recall fleet due to storm

 Sorry for the delays for anyone following this prep and game; hospital break but all better now. God bless the NHS the ordinary folks reward for victory in 2nd WW.

Working on water bangs and land bangs/smoke and especially on casualty markers continues apace...the cousins price for the beach.

 Worth smacking some plastics with a hammer and sticking the to bases. Make a few judicious cuts at joints first. Stick them onto shaped card/plastic of your choice with modelling putty like Milliput or similar. Give them an undercoat of 50/50 PVA and water mixed with the same amount, maybe slightly more, of your base colour acrylic paint. This seals, undercoats and waterproofs and in one go.
 LCVP's ready and practising on Slapton Sands...
 Part of the delay relates to whether we should include Pont du Hoc. If so, we need these LCA's (by Frontline) as that was the Rangers transport from Commando training days. Obviously we need to model the cliffs and defences...not difficult but adding to the time delay if it's to be right.
 Tom and Alan's forces are good to go....and looking great.
 Some closer pics of the larger fleet during loading, as requested.
 What the loading crew's view would be...
 ...or the crew above bow doors...effective felt tip pen panels (why make panels when you can cheat)
 Golfers should keep broken wooden tee's...always useful...
 Hang on to till roll centres, cocktail sticks, old raw plugs, paper-clips, sprue...
 Because you just never know when a kebab skewer might come in handy.
 Some really hand things are the screw head plastic covers you always have left over from flat packed furniture...also the block they include to make thing level.
 Cut out and keep a clear panel from the side of any plastic packaging...good windscreens.
'Oi, Mush, France is that way.'
 The only thing I bought for all these landing craft were funnel vents (left of picture) but if I could have found a way of making them cheap, I wouldn't have forked out the 20p each.

...and finally, never chuck a beaten up old kit. Do a repair, make a couple of bits, put it back in you order of battle...worst case scenario, make it a designer wreck. Recycle and renovate and your wargaming on the cheap can look just as good as the expensive stuff...honest.

Soon, soon the day will dawn...and about time...


  1. Simply wow. What an armada and so much scratchbuilt stuff!
    I'll try the hammer-method for corpses ;)

    Cheers, Mojo