Monday, 11 June 2012

Build Up to D-Day - Part 5

 According to Hollywood there was only one nation involved in WW2...America and, by extension, people who wanted to be Americans but just didn't know it yet. In reality however, it took the combined efforts of free (and not so free) peoples from across the globe a herculean effort of will and sacrifice to bring down a gobsmackingly hideous regime fronted up by a very poor Charlie Chaplin impersonator.

You can see where we're up to with the project (late and over budget) by the piccies forthcoming....

 Constant and realistic for the task ahead (Italeri's finest hour)

Mortars, bazookas and flame throwers...even the officers are taking it seriously, not a clipboard in sight. I get quite teary eyed at the sight of some of these old Matchbox figures.
...Machine guns, I think these old Esci (now Italeri) figures are the only ones to produce a watercooled Browning...

Airfix pitch up with the LCVP...and what a nice little model that turned out to be
Airfix LCM's, scratch built LCT's and old poly Airfix DUKW's  waiting for their loads...

...and (HAT) Sherman's, lots of Sherman' gotta have Sherman's....

NEXT TIME....The smile on the face of the wholesale kit retailer...


  1. Wow! This is looking really good. Keep us updated on the build up.

  2. What a great project!
    I hope you're steady enough to realize it and share the progress with us!


  3. By jingos! Close ups of the LST's thanks.

    Great looking assembly.