Thursday, 31 May 2012

Build up to D-Day - Part 4

B 24's on a raid somewhere in the hinterland. The transport plan goes into operation cutting roads, bridges, railway lines, sidings, turntables, marshalling yards, junctions and intersections....all, of course, with the permission of the Free French government in exile.

 Not a Hun in sight. Air superiority is fast becoming air supremacy.
 Down on the ground the Germans become experts in camouflage and concealment..or get blown to bits.
'Light that cig Franz and I'll make you eat it!'
 Noise from the air makes everyone a bit touchy...
 Eisenhower said not to worry on the day because.." when you hear a 'plane and look up it'll be one of ours."
 The Germans also had a comment about air power.
 "If it shows up and it's's British. If it shows up and it's's American and if it never shows's the Luftwaffe!"

X craft kept station off the beaches. Earlier they had taken samples of sand to Britain for analysis of composition and load bearing. Of course, you had to have the right kind of sand...even in those days.

Next time...The build up in Britain.

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