Tuesday, 20 March 2012

By the left...quick...PAINT!

Paint lots of vehicles fast? For most of us not a problem. Big brush, one colour and slap, slap done. But if we want load of stuff fast and yet want it to look like we spend a year detailing we need a trick or two. You're all grown ups (tuck your shirt in and sit straight) you all do your own thang...but this is what I do and I hope it helps.
 20mm WW2 Sexton SPG mounting the QF 25pdr gun/howitzer by Skytrex. Metal kit in about four parts with a crew of three. Superglue it together...
 Slap on the green of your choice...but it will get lighter as we go...and black undercoat the crew.
 Blob flesh where it should be. 4 to 6 blobs on head and 1 or 2 on hands...Very slightly thin the black and run over the tracks, grills joints, equipment, etc.
 Sand blob webbing first then brown uniform second. Tip: don't try to cover everything, be quick, any bits you miss become shadows (trust me). Silver the muzzle, spades and brown the handles, weapons and such. Do the tracks brick red...no, it won't look silly, we've not finished quite yet...
 Paint helmets green...then take very light grey (no, lighter than that) and dry brush...now I've told you before about screaming and crying over a dry brush...here, blow your nose...it'll be fine...Now, take a thick OLD brush and dip it in the grey, wipe it of on a tissue, run it down your thumb to reveal a really clear thumb print and then scrub the model all over....see.
 It gets lighter and more weathered looking and it takes the edge off the quick lining process
 The effect is not ruined by transfers before or after because in applying transfers you put a clear gloss patch where the decal will go, apply decal and then matt over the top...makes it look like you painted the decal on...really, no silvering effect even when held to the light.
 You just have to get it straight...oops.
 Never paint one when you can do four at once...is the essence of speed painting.
 It produces a consistency of style in your unit and gets the whole unit done with no waiting to field it because one is in the box.

Any old acrylic paint you like will do...and never let anyone say you got the wrong shade unless they painted, fought and lived in every vehicle of that type during its life....exigency makes a mockery of uniformity.
...and finish with eye candy...always some eye candy.