Friday, 10 February 2012

Operation "Bagration" 1944: The Rout (Part Two and a bit)

 Move four and then move five, sill no sign of the Russians. Vehicles begin to run out or transfer fuel supplies.

Mounted 37mm Flak gun runs out of fuel. Camouflage is its main aim now.

 Bottle necks for some...
 open going for others...
 The second rearguard battle group deploys west of the town on a rise; horribly exposed but covering front and rear arcs.
 More abandoned trucks
 Note the ploughed field in case they have to dig in fast
 "Fall in in file, forwards march"
'Baa!...baa, baa,....baa, baa, baa,.....zzzzzzzzz'

Units intermingle at junctions. Sheep try to count tanks but can't keep awake

 Safety within reach.

'What do you mean you can't wait till we've built the toll booth?'
First recce unit reaches the pontoon bridge

'Load AP!'
...but it's a different story for the battle groups still grinding through the streets of the town. Hasty preparations are made for the inevitable clash.

The Russians rolled high, so they come on late, but they are just about to roll for the direction of travel. The  leading Russian Tank Brigade is close accompanied by an armoured anti-tank regiment and six Battalions of infantry riding along with them...the first wave to catch up. The Germans can hear them now...and the ground begins to shake.

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  1. Very nice, Simon, love the photos. By the way, just in case you are thinking of coming to Glasgow next Tuesday, it's the 14th... I've postponed the ancients game due to pressure of Lurve. Business will be resumed on the 21st, though, if anyone fancies a game then.