Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Operation "Bagration" 1944: The Rout (Part Two)

8 o'clock Battle group 
 On they come. Running for their lives. The once mighty Wehrmacht scourge of the 'Red Menace' fears at every moment the arrival of the avenging Red Army. In our scenario the Germans roll for direction of travel (see pics) to their assigned crossing place on the Vistula and the relative safety of a position south of Warsaw.
 Recce vehicles trip no ambushes as they lead their columns in.
1 O'clock Battle group
 Each unit is around a dozen or so vehicles plus towed artillery/anti-tank guns and a Battalion sizes infantry element. We're using the fast paced 'Rapid Fire' rules set so the Battalion is roughly 40 - 50 figures.
 Move 2 and still no sign of the enemy
 Problems are becoming evident...
 ...Closing on the villages and junctions units are creating bottle necks and intermingling units as well.
3 O'clock Battle group 'Hans! did you see a giant thumb?'

 Fortunately, no sign of Russian aircraft...yet.
'Go, go, go!'

 One o'clock unit has clear run to the crossing...they think
'Mirror, signal, manoeuvre'
 Town about to get 'Mother of all rush hours'

All round defence
 Battle group takes position
'Raus, raus! Every body OUT!'
 ...and the first of the transport gives up its fuel
'Do you know where you're going?'
 Strike out across country as a short cut but will the fuel carry them?
 Nervous AA gunners scan the sky
 If it comes to that, then the tank can carry some of the troops.
Beginning of move four. No sign of the last battle group. No sign of the Russians. No 'Jabo's. Just the sound of receding  engines and the smack of hammers on engine cases as the abandoned vehicles are disabled. The tension rises as the Germans so close to safety are sitting ducks. The blow, when it comes could come from any direction and it's all on the roll of a dice.


  1. Beautiful game!


  2. Just come across your blog very nice. Particularly like the Airfix Napoleonics - which primer do you use?

    I think that the StugIV may be an Edai model- sort of clips together.