Saturday, 21 January 2012

Operation "Bagration" 1944: The Rout

This battle is based on the headlong retreat of the remnant of the German 9th Army in the face of the crushing attack by 1st Belorussian Front during the Bagration Offensive. The idea for this scenario is that five ad hoc German Kampfgruppen are trying to cross a river to relative safety before being destroyed (well, duh). They are being pursued by very strong Russian forces which build up at a random rate during the game and also may come on at random points. So too the Germans. Two Battle Groups will act as rear guard for as long as possible but one will leave to join the escape. Fuel is the key. No one German unit has enough to take all its vehicles across the crossings...what do you do?...what do you do?

 Engineers put up a bridge

 Flak units deploy in cover to protect said crossings
 Good fields of fire will give them a dual role
 Where the old civilian bridge had been destroyed infantry can cross on foot at obstacle crossing rate (RF)
 Chain dogs (Field gendarmes) hover by the road with instructions to direct traffic...and keep order in case of panic
 ...but they are somewhat nervous of Russian air attack
 Exit ramps are prepared...its easier in sand that terrain boards.
 Fraternally watched over by light Flak

 Nervous light Flak...but on the lucky side of the river.

 Still, what goes up must come down and the sappers are preparing for know, just in case...

So the race is about to begin.

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