Monday, 19 December 2011

Eylau 1807: Napoleon's First Reverse? Intro.

A couple of years ago we at the Phoenix had a Christmas game in 25's of the Battle of Eylau in 1807. Ferdy provided all the figures, rules, and scenarios and we used the mobile sand tables. We set up in an 'L' shape in which this battle is roughly formed and settled down for a day of gaming. In the fine Christmas tradition of the BBC this is a repeat, though never before blogged. Here to introduce the battle with an unbiased and fair comments is General Bennigsen...

"Is it on?....sure?..Oh good..."
"Ahem!..Hello. My name is General the Count Leontii von Bennigsen  and I won this bat..."
"Oh, what now!...what is it? Eh! oh, him again..."
"Hey! Lenny! Merry Christmas big man? Did ye get ma card?"
"Yes indeed, a merry Christmas Kutuzov...wellied again I see! Anyhow, I was just saying how I won Eylau back in '07..."
"Won? WON? YOU? ye couldn't win a game of solitaire if ye cheated... blow-hard! I'm off down the boozer!"

And so the controversy continues. Bennigsen formed up at Eylau to avoid being outflanked and cut off and, along with 'general winter', set the scene for a near run thing on a very bloody day.

The following are a number of shots (no pun intended) from the battle, both the night action and some of the highlights.

As an aside, this was to be one of the last times that this fine lifetimes collection of 25mm classic figures was to be seen due to the 'Great Toy Soldier Robbery'.

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