Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Eylau 1807: Napoleon's First Reverse? Part Two

 The French frontal attack didn't go terribly well. When the blizzard cleared they found themselves facing devastating fire from artillery and good grade infantry.

'Aspirin, we need more aspirin

No expense was spared on special effects...nope, not a penny.

 Prussians having helped out the Russians not the boot was on the other foot
 More artillery...
 ... and more men; Davout has arrived.

 French cavalry mass for the grand charge. Smart move or desperate Bonaparte?
'Jolly dee, off we go!'

 Plenty of cavalry to try to do justice to the charge at Eylau.

 The battle developed the feel of the tide coming in.
 It go messy.

 Not everything was as happened on the day but the result was near enough historical.

'Next time I fight in the cold I'm bringing a hot water bottle'
 Napoleon draws the proper conclusions.
'Do I look cool in these shades or what?'
 Davout turned up in the nick of time...again.
'All this just for a day out for the Phoenix.'

and, of course, Ney is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saunters back in order to make a statement to the press. As we all know Ney could really pick his moments.

And...relax. Looked good, had fun and got a result. Excellent day. Watch out for the Christmas report this year (Deo Vollente) as it is ACW like you've rarely experienced it.

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