Monday, 19 December 2011

Eylau 1807: Napoleon's First Reverse? Part One

 After lunch the French under Soult and Murat arrive to find the enemy waiting on the plateau beyond Eylau

 The talc lay thickish on the ground for, you see, it was winter and also 2 for 1 at the pound shop.

 ...and as it was indeed winter it got dark quickly..especially when the lights were turned off
'Who are we?' - 'Dunno it's too dark'
 Advancing rapidly the French tried to surprise the Russians. They were unsuccessful as the Russian knew we'd booked the room the previous week.
'We must be Russians' - 'Why?' - 'I don't speak French'

 The battle for the town was just could get booked in anywhere.
 Come the morning the Russians, now with full weight, were spoiling for the dice.
 There were more Russians than I'd ever seen in 25's before, Minifig, Hinton Hunt, you name it.

 The Russians had the edge in artillery (400 to 300 pieces on the day apparently) and we'd loads.

 You can see from these pictures how the mobiles make any suitable set of tables or surfaces into sand tables

Note the Hat figures fit in pretty well.

'Say "bang!" I dare you'.

"I stick out like a sore thumb!"

'Don't hit the ammo, please, please, please!'

'Did someone up front say "cavalry"?'

A blizzard kicked up (someone sneezed) just as the main French frontal attack was due to go in and it the direction was slightly out...but not as much as on the day.

Part Two to follow...what happens when the armies come close and see each other? Is there cavalry? If so to whom does it belong? These and many more questions will be yawned at next time.


  1. Nice pictures and figures. Snow on figs is a good idea!

  2. Hi Simon, had a great time yesterday glad you and the guys enjoyed yourselves, the pics are brilliant. Your site is brilliant mate ,love the ww2 is fabulous, thanks for the comments . Billy see you soon.