Thursday, 29 December 2011

Chickamauga 1863. The Christmas Game; Part Two

The Confederates recce screen push as far as possible but run up against the MLR and falter. Not to worry however, as the main body, moving with their customary speed and elan, are right behind and coming in fast...

 The skirmish line kept the bridge clear for the next regiment to cross
 Sharpshooters take a heavy toll on the left flank
 Rebels begin to run out of steam..
 Shaking out for assault...
 ...confused fighting on the left because of broken ground and the farms...
'This teddy bar fur is mighty thick'

'Somebody gotta invent a 'one way' sign'

 More Rebs pour across the bridge...
 ...and fighting intensifies in the centre...
'We need a new flag!'

 The Union is holding...but only just.
 Yeehaa! Target rich environment...
 Union getting the upper hand on the left.
 Centre reaches critical point...
 ...but no-one blinks...
 More Reb cavalry arrives..
'OK, water wings ON!'
 Pushing to the creek..
 Holding, holding...
 Close country, close quarters.

 At last, some Union cavalry...but can they cope?
 Surprise, surprise...a staff officer! But it's a good call as he orders in the cavalry just as the Confederates have annihilated the Union right.

 The last of the right hand Regiments makes a final stand at the very edge of the table. Job done as they held up twice their number all through the game.
It has all come too late for the Confederacy. Their own right has failed at the farm (in distance) but their cavalry can't break the newly arrived Union troopers and must retire. So, an honourable draw was decided on.

My thanks to the usual Billys, Hughie, Colin et al for another great game.....anyone for a Chinese? 

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  1. Hi Simon, Table looks fantastic the whole set up is amazing. I have been unable to get through to you, I hope it works this time. Can't wait to see you and the guys tell them I said hi, and can't wait for our next encounter. I hope to be able to join a game of ww2 soon. I have a lot of new projects to show you by the weekend. Billy.