Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Chickamauga 1863. The Christmas Game; Part One

2011's mince pie and sausage roll game was held at Tall Billy's home and royally entertained we all were. His gaming room is both neat and functional and contains a wealth of superbly painted figures and scenery.

The game itself was a part of the battle of Chickamauga in 1863 during the American Civil War and was, apparently, the second bloodiest battle of that war. Being a virtual ACW novice I was ready to be captivated by the story of this slice of the battle, but to be honest i wasn't paying a great deal of attention because the visual display was extremely eye catching....Now for the piccies...

 Calm waters of the tower before the storm.
 Peaceful landscape.
 Reeds Bridge...I'm told.
 The Union troops are on the defensive to start off with in this area.
 Batteries line up...
 ...and down the road appear the Confederates.
 The recce cavalry (encouraged by Yosemite Sam) spread out to make contact with the enemy.

 Beyond the farm and saw mill they see them
 ...a small force of dismounted troopers with rifles.

 Things start to kick off from the right flank.

 Heedless (and headless) the cavalry push on.
 Zouves give fire...
 ...light troops rush for the bridge
 A columns of troops break down the fence to deploy
 Union forces are, as yet, spread fairly sparsely across the nine mile front

...Union troops fan out to stop the recce cavalry finding hole in the line thus far reached

The Confederates begin to arrive in force. Time for tea and nibbles, much more to come in part two...

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  1. Brilliant game and terrain, A really nice style of painting and looks like loads of fun. Love the pic with the rebs defending the bridge guns blazing.