Monday, 21 November 2011

Salamanca (sort of) Part One

Yes, the battle based on Salamanca produced an epic clash of plastic. Though not too large, considering previous battles, Approximately 1100 French fought it out with 750 British and their Allies. Two British Divisions and three French, going by the Shako 2 rules set. Those of you who have read of this battle will know that the French and Anglo-Allied armies had march within sight of each other for a while. The French commander saw dust ahead an assumed the Brits were off to capture the town with their cavalry and so sped up his march that a gap became evident. Wellington saw this gap and ordered an attack across the valley to isolate the lagging part of the French column and the rest, as they say, is history....

'We'll be coming round the mountain when we come'
 To set the battle on an even basis we began it by reasoning that the French leading division is off the table.

'I see you!'
 This recreates the gap in the French column.
 The French must continue to move in the column for another 3 moves unless they see what the enemy is doing then they can react straight away.
 The 'off table' division has to roll a dice 6 and take a delay of whatever they throw. Then the order of arrival is cavalry, then artillery and then infantry.
 Problem for the Brits was that they were seen straight away due to an over excited cavalry commander...
 ...and the reserve division threw a 1.
'weeeeeeeeeee' (oui)
 So, on came the cavalry brigade...
'Oi, watch my crop!'
 ...followed by the artillery
 Plus HQ, staff, C-in-C, his ADC's, teddy bear and spare tooth brush.
'Form square'
 British cavalry speed over the hill...
 Brits shake out into line and advance
 ..on come more French guns...
 ...the gunners...
 ...and the target...
 Brigade HQ between skirmish screen and columns.

 The French were remarkably quick off their mark
'You're right, red is not a good camouflage colour'
 ...but it was inevitable that the Brits would get the hills first
 but could they do it with enough strength?
 Billy 4, yes we have to number our Billy's, pointing out that he's been extremely clever with his British cavalry and trapping his French attackers
 Meanwhile, on the British right flank, strength builds...
 ...despite the arrival of the reserve division...
 British Heavies throw themselves at the French guns quite successfully the mad dash of the infantry will decide all; arriving in strength, first.
 forming line...
 ...with artillery to break up incoming formations
 ...but nothing puts off the clash of plastic!

'Oh! There you all are. Good show'

skirmishers out!

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  1. A fine looking game with some very nice looking figures!!