Monday, 21 November 2011

Salamanca (almost) Part Two

 Victory conditions were that each hill was worth 25% and each division was also worth 25%. Once established on the hills it was thought that the extra French division would be enough to dislodge the British and their Allies.
 French column against British wasn't 'till after the battle that we realised that support didn't actually mean going into the attack but standing back cheering. One line could blow away 3 columns!
 Fighting suspended whilst horse racing is on...
 ...ridges to the rear enabled support fire over the heads of the advancing infantry, usually very dodgy.
'I'm right behind you lads'
 The last French regiment is committed.
 ...very effective 9pdr support
 French right flank made some head way....
 ...but the Allied line was continuous and deep

 They came on in the same old way...
'One more 1 and I'll blow out ze brains, n'est pas?'
 ...and threw rubbish dice.
'A hard pounding, gentlemen' -  'Yes, sir, for the French.'
 Target rich environment.
 The Brits could give as well as receive
 The Dutch played the part of Hanoverian's and Brunswick's.
'Aha, pointy stick wins over musket!'
 Push comes to shove...
 the exploding cannon balls (round pins stuck in card with cotton wool) mark the casualties until we make up proper casualty markers.

 Looks confusing...I had to have smelling salts to recover

'Hey, mister, can we have our ball back?'
Try as they might, the French could not gain a hill

...and finally a division broke in the attempt.

Although the right was going strong, the left gave way as, apparently, it did on the day

Very impressed by the greatcoated Strelets figures. They fitted in well with all the modern plastics.

As usual we had a good laugh, cry, tantrum and handshake afterwards (not that I recall any racism on the pitch) and a Chinese carry out to boot. My thanks to Billy,Billy, Billy, Billy, Alan and Colin for a cracking days gaming and the spur to paint more stuff.


  1. I had a great time as always, very hospitable host and friendly chaps.Table was spectacular..


  2. Cool looking game and minis.

  3. What a joy! Thanks for posting.
    I like those old Airfix French chaps. I have loads myself and intend to paint them up as Mexicans for the Alamo, although some work is needed on removing/covering the gaiters. Their short, stocky frame is perfect for the average Mexican soldier.

    It's alright I know you can't reply.