Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kirriemuir 2011 Part Two - The Show

In my former notification I mentioned the pro's and con's of the for some detail.
 The RAF Wargame Assoc. did a fantastic POW camp and did a participation game
 The camp, prisoners, guards, escape routes and everything was in it.
 It won 'best participation game'
 This 28mm Dublin City Centre 1916 was really impressive
 yards of building frontages...
 streets, troops and armoured vehicles...
 ...and the enemy could shoot from any window or doorway...
 and there were loads...
 ...and loads of windows.
 Very pretty scenery for a 28mm American Civil War battle
 Nice scenery and figures
 with plenty going on.
 Scratch built 15mm Chinese game, probably the single most impressive game of this scale I've ever seen.
 This is the inner gate on the reverse of the previous shot
 with camps, bridges and artillery positions outside... scrimping on any part of this scene and that was just the front.
 A sumptuous ECW knock about with more lovely vignettes and units.
 A detailed 20mm WW1 style Russian Civil War foreign intervention scenario
 The Buchan Wargames Group came up with this 28mm Napoleonic 'Crossing of the Berezina' in 1:1 scale. Possible because of the vastly depleted units of what remained of the Grand Army. Cossack units raid the survivors with the aim of the game being survival (for the French) and to get rich (for the Russians).
 They spent a small fortune on fake snow but the results were really realistic. I was fascinated by the ice flows in the river.
 ...and by the frozen bridges. Sorry about the picture quality, please do not adjust you set.
 A medieval scrap...
 ...going hammer and tongs...
 ...on one heck of a big polystyrene hill. Again in 28mm.
 Another 28mm but this time WW2. A scene lavish with teddy bear fur.
 Big Ted bears all for the hobby. Well, all's fur in lead and war.

Not a duff game in the lot but there are a couple more to go...tbc.


  1. Enjoyed the show myself, The bring and buy was very goo this year. Managed to get some nice Verlinden Naps at a good price and a cracking book. Games looked very nice too!

  2. Have to agree always liked this show!
    The games were great.