Monday, 14 November 2011

Kirriemuir 2011 Part Three - The stuff I didn't have room for in parts one and two because everything was great and I'd taken too many pictures

Well, the title says it all...and a lot more besides. 

 Something 'orrible is kicking off in our (or someone else's) dystopian future. Then again it's on a planet far, far away and therefore too expensive for even our government to get involved in. Beautifully done though.

 Back on Terra Ferma circa 1943, the gallant band of the Glasgow and District Wargames Club treated us to a display of 20mm WW2 with all the trimmings, which is just the way it should be.

Sicily, 'Fustian' the Paratroop part of 'Husky' (as opposed to the glider part 'Ladbroke') was faithfully recreated down to the villas and churches using the tried and tested Command Decision rules set beloved of this veteran club.

did you hear a bang dear?

One owner from new, some slight decoration needed

...and I say north is that way...

Paras shake themselves out for the action

These touches are, not just neat but, also a timely reminder considering the date of the game
"Did you hear that Hans?"- "No, we Germans are notoriously deaf, according to ze movies."

And baddies, you have to have lots of baddies.

Well done chaps, a jolly good show.

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