Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kirriemuir 2011 Part One - The Battle

First time for ages visiting the Kirriemuir show and this time it was held in the Kirriemuir International Indoor Fixtures Arena (local school) just across from the international airport (a field), the world renown football stadium (another field) and adjacent to the site set aside for the space centre (once they've moved the two coos they'll have space).

It had everything you need for a good show and more than most. Apart from a goodly selection of traders they had good grub at very reasonable prices, a fair size of 'bring-and-buy', plenty of games and demo's going on and a painting competition. A raffle raised funds for the Combat Stress charity.

My only complaint is that I got thrashed (at war gaming) as usual. Simon W. provided both sides of our 28mm strumash with that most famous Irishman Alexander the Great and his army versus Gupta's Indian army and emporium.

 Al and Friends
 Part of the jumblery...
 Starting line up for India too the Macedonians
 Indian heavy infantry bow armed
 Skirmishers to get the jumblery into contact
 Impressive phalanx
 Crack Macedonian unit led into action by an aging Gladys Knight and the Pips
 ...scrum in mid field
 ...which the Macedonians lose
 ....Indian cavalry waiting for the off.
 On they come..

 Chariots crash into light Parthian cavalry on Indian right flank
 Jumblery advances but only supported by remaining skirmishers. Al does a sneaky swing out to the Indian left. He could have done just as well on the other flank as he was famous for swinging both ways.
 Indian light cavalry support the chariots but keep a reserve
 Smart Alex only has to face one unit of militia grade cavalry to expose the flank.
 will Al be lucky or fall to the militia?
 He's in the thick of the action
 ...but he breaks through with the (hair) style of Peter Stringfellow at the head of the crowd
 Have the jumblery failed?
 ...well, yes, but although Al was through the phalanx had reached the line and won by a point before he could personally deliver the coup de grace.


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