Thursday, 29 September 2011

Revolting Finale

It became apparent that this was the finale. Hard as it is to admit...this one goes to the Colonists. The ground was very close (in fact you could walk on it) and the Colonists moved too quickly. Our house rule was that due to the fact that the Americans broke if they stood (9 times out of 10) then they should rout three moves and automatically recover. In twenty moves the Colonists did a Jesse Owens and the poor old Brits just couldn't keep up for fear of it setting them off again.

Official British formations could operate in the slow, close country but just not fast enough.

The French Allies made a stand and were royally humped.

...but the ground got denser...

...and denser. What they really need in that country are roads!

Good game fellas, but rules as slow as the going.

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