Thursday, 18 August 2011

Revolting Ambuscade

The Republic to Empire rules getting easier to handle and a further test is to be this latest scenario involving a dash to the river by the Colonials chased by the British in the hope of preventing their egress. Its a kind of preventative Colonial irrigation (pun intended) whereby ambush will hold back the advance of the red coats allowing escape.

The action takes place along the table, rather than across, so the frontage is only six feet. The distance for the Brits is around twelve feet but the Colonials engage straight away, as soon as the Brits are deploying onto the table, but this does leave them with about ten feet to go to get to safety.
The ardent hope is that an early blow while the enemy is still shaking out into position will buy the additional time needed and induce caution into British handling. The obvious notion is that the ambush could have been triggered much further down the table as the Brits would still have to shake out into an answering attack formation and the river would be nearer. However, this situation as it now stands could make for a very long game or a distressingly short and murderous one.

'Ok, OK,  six and seven eighths, I believe you!'
 On come the Highlanders of the 42nd
 Preceded by the Welsh 23rd
 Colonists appear to the front
 Deploying the lights the Brits continue to advance to contact
'That hair style those Mohican's have got will never catch on'
 One flank refused covered by lights
 the line advance
 More Colonists showing their hand...and cannon.
 Cornwallis must bring on troops faster than the enemy can react to or be destroyed piecemeal.
 The skirl of the pipes....keeps the flies off the horses.
 Colonists attempt to spring the trap from the rushes
 ...covered by their own light troops.
 Confidence is high...
 ...then they see the enemy.
 Volley fire takes a great toll of the Brits. Maybe the tactic is working..., it ain't.
 The Welsh break through the front and the skirmish line dissolves...
'Ooh look, gold teeth...may I?'
 ...but not for long...
 The cover gets thicker disordering the formed troops while the terrain feature remains to be crossed.
 Brit skirmishers and Colonial line exchange lead presents.
'Did he have gold teeth?' - 'Nah! just heavy plaque!'
The initial strike is in the balance. Will Cornwallis break through and surround his attackers? Are the Colonists too deeply deployed for that? Can the Brits keep up the momentum? Will the US government abolish income tax? Is the Euro too strong? Will the shortage of available new holes stop polo mint production?
Tune in , same time, same place next week for no answers what-so-ever!!!

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