Sunday, 14 August 2011

Gazala Line in 10mm

Well, would you Adam and Eve it! The Battle for the Gazala Line fought out on Ferdy's sand table on a hot August afternoon in Bonny Scotland....yeah! imagine afternoon in Scotland!

The Kreigshut resounded to the cries of middle aged men shouting 'Billy it's 27 inches not 32' and 'Stop yer greetin' ya big wayne 'tis but a game' followed by 'Who's eaten all the bhaji?' Ah, yes, semi grown ups at play.

Rommel the renowned Desert Fox ably supported by IL Duce's forces of under employed ice cream men scoop the Allied line by swinging around the open desert end of the minefields and defences (cheeky) isolating the gallant Free French outpost at Bir Hakim.

Whilst the Italians find a way through the mine field the Germans invest the forlorn French outpost and try their outflanking manoeuvre....

 The German Italian approach march...note the real sand.
 Carefully stockpiled German kit all set on breaking the Gazala line.
'I see no ships'... 'course you don't, it's the desert'

 The assault teams rush forth towards the minefield belt
 Panzer III's and IV's swing by the open end of the line (definitely not sporting)
 Heavy weapons set up to pummel Bir Hakim into submission.
 Bir Hakim, the fight back.
 88's swing into action.
 The corner position causes a slight congestion in the German advance.
 ...but the Italians have it sussed and start to apply more pressure with engineers, M13/40's, assault guns and infantry to the fore.

Stout defence by the Legionnaires hold back the Axis tide.


  1. Hello
    just discovered your blog and I'm truly impressed.
    My favourites are the napoleonic battles. I've read that you use Minifig and Warrior on your tabletop. I was wondering how the two mix size wise. I have a number of Warrior miniatures, and want to fill out the ranks with some Minifigs.
    Maybe you could send or post a picture of the two together?


  2. To be honest, even 20mm and 28mm mix on this table. You've just got to keep them at opposite ends and separate units. As to Warrior and Minifig, they're about the same height but the Minifig is smooth, chunky and moon faced. The Warrior style is slimmer and rougher. However, they go fine together on the table, just not on the same base. I'll look for a comparative couple, if possible, and put them up for you to see.