Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Revolting Battle - The End

The British advance is parried by dogged Colonial firing lines
 Colonials stand fast...looks like they may stop 'em
 The Scots pull back staggered by shot. The drilled Colonials fill the gap with an exhuberant charge.

 ...only to find themselves facing a reformed line and half their compatriots blown away or fleeing.
 "Steady the 42nd."
 Meanwhile France's contribution of first rate troops come up against the 64th Line. The support fails to charge home and it's a fight to the finish for the redcoats and le blancs.
 Superior fire power and stoicism (certainly not tactics) win through for the Brits.
 The left flank routs from the field...
"Glad that's not me out there."
 ...watched by their CinC.
"Away the lads"

 Regiments demolish each other
 but the outcome is not now in doubt.
"Blimey, where's everyone gone?"

Oh, I think we've won

The French advance to the rear. Both wings have collapsed and the redcoats are still coming. Still plenty survive to fight another day.

Thanks to Alan C. for the use of his fine figures and for wearing a tie to a wargame...puts the rest of us slobs to shame.

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